Ellen Golla, a middle-aged brown-haired woman, is leaning in front of her computer with a little black kitten perched on her back.
Me and Steve the kitten around 2012. I’m a lot grayer now, and he’s no longer a little kitten.

I’m Ellen Golla.

I was a professional artist specializing in finely detailed paper mosaic collages. My longtime studio and alter ego was called Zebra Crossing Picture Factory.

For a long time, I also made little books and did other, more crafty things with paper. I didn’t think of these as “real” work, and often gave them away as gifts.

Somewhere along the way, back when a lot of people had blogs, I started my own anonymous one about paper and artists’ books, mostly to entertain myself. I chose the Paper Chipmunk to distance it from my “real” studio work.

Over time, I became more and more involved with making artist’s books. I dropped my bookmaking and blogging anonymity. I started using The Paper Chipmunk Press for my bookish things.

I met many truly wonderful, inspiring and creative people through this blog.

And then… Life veered down a different path. I had health issues. Then my husband’s Parkinson’s disease progressed. I became his full-time caregiver. Somehow in the midst of all that, I also became involved in advocacy work that does not involve art.

I did not see my studio for years. I stopped blogging.

Chipmunk with scissors

My husband passed in 2021.

I know that people around the internet have linked to some of the images and tutorials on here.  The plan is to eventually transition to a new site that will be less blog, but keep some of that material. Perhaps.

In the meantime, I hope you find something useful, or at least entertaining, in this archive of… stuff.