Feb 162013

I think I might’ve discovered a new pastime. The other night, I browsed myfonts.com and checked “BBC News” for viewing type samples.

It served as a friendly reminder that it is, indeed, important to choose one’s typefaces carefully.

Horsemeat caps


Horsemeat Probe


Meteor Etc.





second day and horsemeat


meteor and Banksy


chimps and Chubby


sea slug

(Lest anyone take offense, I reiterate: these were real, unaltered BBC headlines.)

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  7 Responses to “Font Choice Matters”

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  1. Aw! Now you done gone an’ made me spit coffee on my keyboard!
    Yes, very important. I’m still uncertain what my final choice will be for this http://aletteraweek2013.blogspot.com.au/

    Now I have to Google Chubby Checker – what’s the twist in this story!

    • Heh heh. Yeah, poor Chubby. My home page is BBC News, but I found myself going back to look up some of these stories. Sea slugs…? I hope it helps provide some inspiration for your final letter!

  2. Yeah, Chubby Checker (and his penis) jumped right out at me too! Clearly, that says something about me…

    • Not sure what it says about me, seeing as I’m the one who uploaded them in the first place! I must be following the British news too much lately–horsemeat headlines in decorative caps etc had me clutching my sides. And then I started fantasizing an actual copy of the New York Times with headlines in cutesy display faces…

  3. Blimey! what an important lesson……and I’m changing my home page straight away, I can see I’ve missed some important stuff.

    • Heh heh heh… Some of those BBC science stories especially–sea slugs and their detachables “astound”? Hmmm… I’ve been reading my home page much more carefully now.

  4. what a brilliant way to show fonts’ choice importance!

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