Dracaena Flowers

Heavens! This has nothing to do with paper, books or art, but is so pleasing I just had to mention it. About a day ago my bedroom started to smell as if it were filled with roses. Lots of roses.

Then I noticed sticky gobs of sap by my printer (fortunately, not on the printer). I looked straight up over my head and saw this. It’s a Dracaena (commonly known as a corn plant). I’ve had plants like this for 25 years and never previously had one do this. Its name turns out to be Dracaena fragrans—those lushly-scented flowers, apparently, are a defining feature.

One houseplant website says they rarely bloom indoors. I thought I was mean to it, but it turns out they like low light and forgetful watering. Who knew?

It sits right next to a mother-in-law’s tongue that blooms annually. Perhaps this will become a regular occurrence.

One of my mother-in-law’s tongues in bloom.