I’ll Be Cutting and Folding Cat Books for Eternity…

The month has gotten away from me. I’d meant to be more on top of this posting thing. I’ve been wrapped up in getting ready for last Saturday’s opening for the show that my book arts guild is having at Eureka Books this month. I’m happy to say I survived it.

It was amazingly crowded—there was a big tourist-drawing festival happening almost across the street on the waterfront. I didn’t take any pictures, but my friend Michele put some up on her blog, if anyone is interested. I sold a couple of books. Actually, two copies of the same book. It’s an ABC from a cat’s point of view. If I’d finished more copies in time, I think I would’ve sold them too. I have orders standing for more cat books, plus I need to bring some more to the bookstore before the show is down.

This is good. I like sales, definitely. I’m glad people like my book. Not to sound like an ingrate (book-purchasing folks are wonderful, really)…yet I’m having visions in my sleep of gluing together cat ABCs into eternity.

Funnily enough, as I type, my large black cat (who gets a credit in the book) is at my side, yelling and hitting me. It must be time for his second (or third) dinner or something. “C is for Can opener… E is for Eat…”

For I Have Bound a Copy of Jeoffry…

Our book arts guild is having a show next month at an antiquarian and used bookstore, Eureka Books. It should be a wild mix of things. My contribution is going to include a bottle of Codex (see previous post), but I’ve also made a few flutter books and some notepads.

One of the flutter books is a copy of Jubilate Agno, or rather Fragment B of Jubilate Agno, better known as Christopher Smart’s poem about his cat Jeoffry.
Jubilate Agno in its entirety was a long religious piece Smart composed while he was living in a private Georgian insane asylum called Mr. Potter’s Madhouse.
Pictures of some of the other things for the show will be coming soon.