How Not To Do The Wash

This sign used to hang in the local laundromat. I do my wash at home these days, but perhaps I should post my own friendly reminder above the washer and dryer.

Although I’d assume this isn’t quite as bad as doing the laundry with ammo, I’d think that putting a pocket full of scalpel blades through the wash isn’t a good idea either.

(Picture of laundry sign found here.)

9 thoughts on “How Not To Do The Wash”

  1. Ouch. My mother got a fish hook embedded in her hand while doing the washing and instituted a rule which I have also adopted. Anything found in a pocket when I do the washing is mine. Mine to keep, discard or spend. A trickier rule when the washerperson is at fault.

    Tell me you didn’t sever any major (or minor) apendages.

    • You’d really think I’d know by now with my memory not to do something like shove a handful of scalpel blades into my pocket while I’m in the studio, wouldn’t you? Or maybe I can’t remember I can’t remember. At any rate, no damage done, mercifully, to me or my clothes. Fortunately, these were the individually sealed kind. I did think it was funny, though.

  2. Hah! Back when The Man and I first got together…I did the laundry one day and, since I have two cardinal rules: do not open someone else’s mail and do not go through pockets…I washed a shirt with a 5 and a 10 in the pocket. It was about the time there was a lot of stuff in the papers about money laundering! These days, he empties his pockets. Most of the time. Last week I did wash a shirt with 2 tea bags and a paper “tube” of sugar in the pocket. Men!

    And for some reason your posts were not coming up in my reader, but I’ve just re-set you so we’re good.

    • So, did you unintentionally tea stain the clothes? That doesn’t sound good either. Oh dear. I’ve found that money usually survives literal laundering–at least our bills do. Not that I’ve ever done that myself or anything… I know I have no memory anymore, so I’m usually very careful these days to go through my own pockets. Don’t know what happened, but was startled to find all these scalpel blades at the bottom of the wash!

      Alas, you weren’t the only one who lost my feed. Something got mangled shortly after I moved the blog. It took me a long time to figure it out, since the feed showing up in my own reader still worked, unlike most everyone else’s, it turned out. I wound up having to reset everything and lost most of my followers. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much of a way other than the blog itself to tell everyone, but since I’d stopped turning up in people’s readers… At any rate, thanks for checking in and resubscribing! Good to see you again. I do keep up with happenings Chez Mow. I’ve just been unusually quiet lately, I think.

      • Over at wordpress, I lost view of my subscriptions for weeks, and had to go hunting, by hand (eeek gawd!) from blog to blog in search of my favorites. Still, I am missing more than half each day :( Don’t know why that is.

        That’s a good shot of those blades, though. You must go through them mighty fast…unless…you shoved a handful in your pocket while shoplifting at Ben Franklin Craft store? Which is alright by me. Your faulty memory should work to your advantage here, should you ever get caught ;)

        • No fun to have feed problems! I’m touched to know I’m on your list of favorites worth hunting down. I deeply appreciate it. I hope you figure out what’s going on and get your subscriptions back!

          I do go through quite a few blades… not from Ben Franklin, but an online surgical supply in the Midwest. I must say, it is rather…odd?…to get art supplies from a place that also sells pathology blades and suture material, among other things.

          The thought of unintentional shoplifting due to absent-mindedness scares me!

  3. Once, when we got back from a camping trip I found a scorpion in the washing (of the nasty, but ultimately harmless kind)…I used to think that must be the worst thing I’d ever find, but I don’t know. The sight of those blades has freaked me out a little.

    • Hmm… I think I prefer blades to scorpions in the washing machine myself! Agh! Fortunately, these were the individually sealed kind, and none came out of their little packages, so no harm done. I couldn’t believe I could be that absent-minded though. (Actually, I could believe it. That’s the scary part!)


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