Dracaena Flowers

Heavens! This has nothing to do with paper, books or art, but is so pleasing I just had to mention it. About a day ago my bedroom started to smell as if it were filled with roses. Lots of roses.

Then I noticed sticky gobs of sap by my printer (fortunately, not on the printer). I looked straight up over my head and saw this. It’s a Dracaena (commonly known as a corn plant). I’ve had plants like this for 25 years and never previously had one do this. Its name turns out to be Dracaena fragrans—those lushly-scented flowers, apparently, are a defining feature.

One houseplant website says they rarely bloom indoors. I thought I was mean to it, but it turns out they like low light and forgetful watering. Who knew?

It sits right next to a mother-in-law’s tongue that blooms annually. Perhaps this will become a regular occurrence.

One of my mother-in-law’s tongues in bloom.

4 thoughts on “Dracaena Flowers”

  1. Well, well! I have these growing in the garden and they flower regularly. But I've never noticed a rose fragrance. And I'm a (former) rose grower! Perhaps the fragrance is intensified when indoors (Some plants are like that)
    Whatever! I'm pleased you like them.

  2. Good to hear from you again. I'd meant to make a comment about your Pussy Willow hairs, but then something intervened and I got distracted from the computer. Good of you to remind me to go back and finish my visit…

    Given that it's currently -2 C outside, it's hard to imagine a garden full of these. Sounds lovely. Maybe the scent isn't quite roses, but it reminds me of a strange perfume I once knew many years ago that claimed to be rose-scented. Whatever it is, it is *strong*. It can be smelled two rooms away. Some of the websites I saw say that people sometimes remove the flowers indoors because they're so overpowering. I'm rather enjoying it.

    But now, back to huddling by the heater.

  3. How beautiful!
    I know and feel your excitement, I feel exactly the same with my plants especially when in bloom.
    In the summer, every night I bring bunches of night jasmine inside and the house fills with their perfume: superb!
    Enjoy your blooming dracaena; now that it bloomed once, it's going to bloom again and again in the future!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Thanks for that Anna! What a lovely note. The thought of my ever-blooming plant(s) brought a smile. Your night jasmine sounds divine! I also currently have two pink Thanksgiving cactuses in bloom in another part of the house. I don't think I'll ever lose the sense of thrill and wonder at a blooming plant. It is exciting. A friend once told me that when tending to plants, you can't feel bad. Some truth in that. Many future blooms and a happy Thanksgiving to you too!


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