Nov 222010


I’ve been playing around with a translucent microscope slide holder. I glued some pictures of white doves onto slides and stacked them inside. The effect reminds me a bit of a miniature fish tank, with things floating in a little box. Only the semi-opaque character of the plastic adds a certain ghostly mystery.


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  1. It looks indeed fascinating and ghostly. I first thought it was a frog climbing inside the block. I also liked the frog. Looked like he was frozen in action. Haha :-) Only after I saw them on the clear plastic I now can see how they are the doves. – I guess it is better visible when seen for real. What I especially like is how they are not equally well visible, and look like they are approaching the viewer.

  2. The frog made me smile. I'd actually thought of also doing one with sharks…perhaps a miniature reference to Damien Hirst? ;-)

    It actually is a lot clearer in person. Unfortunately, it doesn't show up quite as well in a photo, but I figured you can get the idea. I'm glad, however, that you were able to get a sense of the depth, that the further away ones are less visible. More than anything, I'm just playing with an idea. Now I'm thinking about ways of layering pictures on clear layers…

    Thanks for the input!

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