Shark Restoration

I finished this piece a while back. Then I got this idea in my head to “improve” it, alas. I proceeded to fill in too much of the bottom area. I didn’t like what I’d done after it was too late and I’d done it.

While preparing pieces for Saturday’s opening, I decided to restore Be Careful What You Take to Bed With You to its original, more balanced state. I’m glad I did.

2 thoughts on “Shark Restoration”

  1. Still chortling over ‘Be careful what you take to bed with you’.

    I would love to come and see more of your works at your exhibition (which I know has cost you blood sweat and tears). So, can we have a report please?

    I loved the work displayed under your exhibition tab, so am wishing you (completely unnecessaryily) lots of luck.

    • Thanks E.C. Your encouragement and support mean a lot. I will be posting pics, camera willing. And thanks for the good luck too, which is always appreciated. I’ll let you know after Saturday…!


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