Do Typefaces Matter?


The BBC News Magazine has an article onĀ the importance of typefaces.

To most people, typefaces are pretty insignificant. Yet to their devotees, they are the most important feature of text, giving subliminal messages that can either entice or revolt readers, says Tom de Castella.

When Avatar, the biggest grossing movie of all time was released, one section of the audience was immediately outraged . . .”

8 thoughts on “Do Typefaces Matter?”

  1. In the last line of your post you wrote "the audience was immediately outraged…"

    why were they outraged? I couldn't access the full artilce.


  2. Hi Dguff,

    Sorry about that. I'm still tinkering with the text link colors here. I realize they don't show up as well as they should. The link works on my end. Did you click on "the importance of typefaces"? If that still doesn't work, the URL is:

    That was a quote from the article, which I don't think actually spells it out. They just noted that graphic designers were horrified by the font used in the movie. But it was the choice of Papyrus. I seem to remember reading somewhere else that it was a slightly modified Papyrus, but it's still basically Papyrus.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

  3. Thanks for the link. An interesting read. On my computer screen "the importance of typefaces" is not in a different color, so I did not click on it. Now, when I run the mouse over that, it changes color to torquoise and is easily seen, but not until the cursor actually highlights it to change the color.


  4. I appreciate the input. On my screen it looks like a different color, but probably not with enough contrast to be obvious enough. It's hard to find something that looks good all around the site, but that shows up ok as a link in lines of text. Personally, I sometimes wish we had the option to add underlines like in the old days. It's less elegant, but I have colorblind friends and suspect they have an even harder time with it. Thanks for commenting. I'm going to keep playing around with it.

  5. how about putting it in italics rather than a different color which may, or may not, show up on other screens.


  6. Hmm… a thought. I was also thinking of maybe trying boldface too. Theoretically, it shouldn't matter what computer one is using. One of the problems is you set the link color in a template, and everything on the blog that's a link, including the post headings and everything down both side columns, becomes that color as well. If it has enough contrast to show up in the text, it tends to look atrocious on everything else. I think for a while I was using some kind of light gray. I might try that again. I did go and lighten the green that was there. Are you still not seeing it?

    I really appreciate the help with this! Thanks.

  7. That's a relief. Thanks for letting me know!

    Aesthetically, still not sure about this light green though . . . but I am glad you can read it.

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