E-motives Laptop Project

The miniature laptop, my recreational amusement of the moment, is coming along. The basic form is assembled. The keyboard will be resized and added soon. For a while it wouldn’t close properly, but that problem was solved with the use of a smaller diameter hinging wire. And the pages for the book, which will be housed in the “screen” and are meant to look like parody web pages, are just waiting to be put together (the mock ups are shown here). 

“How to stalk someone” turns out to actually be a popular search item on Google. I was thinking in terms of parody, outrageousness (although you’d think I’d know better, seeing as I’ve been harassed myself). After typing only a little bit of it, the rest of the phrase quickly pops up, suggested by the search engine itself. This is presumably based upon this term’s 5,190,000 hits. Um…..interesting. I think.


(Ok–perhaps it’ll make more sense once it’s finished…?)

7 thoughts on “E-motives Laptop Project”

  1. Haha! Such an amusing and clever idea – I am looking forward to seeing how this project will evolve.

  2. Hi, the laptop project is brilliant and something I’d love to try making, don’t suppose you’re doing any video’s with instructions are you???

    well done its fantastic

    • Thanks Sandie! Alas, no videos yet. Perhaps someday I should think of putting together a tutorial of some sort on weird hinged covers like this. My way of working is often more fiddling with an idea until something works–sometimes a bit hard to demonstrate. Thanks for the comment, which is much appreciated.


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