Maps as Art

The world’s smallest atlas, made for Queen Mary’s doll house.

I’ve been pondering a potential project–a metaphorical atlas (for lack of a better description). I’ve long loved maps and map-like visuals, and have been wanting to use that kind of imagery in my artwork for as long as I can remember. I think the time is coming to do it as a book. We’ll see if anything materializes. For now, it’s mostly in the sketching and pondering phase. 

What made me want to mention this was stumbling upon this exhibition review on the BBC news site. The British Library and the Royal Geographical Society are both currently putting on shows that focus on the artistic aspect of maps. One of the items they show is the miniature atlas above. 

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  1. The mini atlas is amazing! – I am looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with maps. I also always like atlases, new ones, too but especially old maps with borders at strange locations. I wished people would not destroy them books to sell the maps individually, and I wished the whole atlases were cheaper, – then this section of my personal library would already be much stronger :-)


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