Show in Point Reyes

This is the last week my book Atmosphere will be at the “Rain or Shine” Wild Book Show charity exhibition at Gallery Route One in Point Reyes. 

The last day is Sunday March 28, when there will be a party and live auction from 4 – 6 pm. You can bid on the books then, or, I believe, take part in a silent auction leading up to it. Proceeds will be split with the artists in the schools program in the area. I won’t be there, as it’s too far away, but if you happen to be in the Marin area, the address and hours are on their website.

Atmosphere is a miniature accordion of cloud photographs taken from my backyard and at the ocean near where I live. The pages are transparencies layered over coverweight matte paper. Both the transparent and paper elements were inkjet printed with pigmented inks, creating a layered dimensional effect. It has a magnet closure (of the weaker variety).

Atmosphere. Ellen Golla 2010.

2 thoughts on “Show in Point Reyes”

  1. Beautifully blue! Wish I could see it, and have a closer look at the three-dimensionality in it (a topic that I am especially interested in). But apparently it is more than 5.500 miles away, so I am pretty sure I won't make it :-)

  2. Thanks. It took a while to figure out how to layer it so that it looked like layers of clouds, or dimensional clouds, rather than just pictures piled on top of each other. I wound up printing more subtle cloud photos on the paper layer–quite light and not much detail–and then printed darker, more detailed cloud photos on the transparency layer that I placed over the lighter, less detailed layer. That seemed to work best. The back side of the paper layer is printed also, with the same darker and more detailed photos that I used for the transparent layer. The size is roughly 5.5 x 7 cm (2.25 x 3").

    I never get tired of playing with the polarizing filter on my camera. I love the cloud formations here. I grew up in Los Angeles where the sky was always monotonously sunny and smoggy. Now I get to live near a rugged coastline where the storms roll in off the ocean. In fact, we had a huge thunderclap and pouring rain just an hour ago… rarely dull!

    You can't just hop on a plane and make a transatlantic flight for the weekendend? Ha… for the record, it's a five hour drive south to the greater San Francisco area from here–not a quick trip even for us.


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