The Chipmunk Has Not Expired…

Dominic the cat carrying a chipmunk

Appearances to the contrary, I wanted to let you all know that I’m still around and plan to blog again. I’ve just been having a bit of an extended break. As a chronically sick person living with someone who is even more chronically sick than I am, this is sometimes necessary.

Dominic recently presented me with (hmm… a coded message perhaps?), and I feared you all were thinking the same thing.

It turned out my fears for the chipmunk in the photo were premature, I’m happy to say. When Dom got closer, I realized the poor thing was still alive! (It hadn’t looked that way to begin with, and that was why I’d tastelessly bothered to snap a pic on my phone.) Then mayhem ensued after I dropped the phone and tried to encourage him to drop the chipmunk (he growled and ran with it).

Then it dawned on me. He’s lazy. He might prefer canned.

So I scurried into the house and returned with one of his favorite flavors of Fussy Feast and loudly opened it near him. He dropped the chipmunk. The chipmunk ran like hell toward some trees and looked remarkably ok.

Fortunately for Dom’s prey, but less so for Dom, he has no canine teeth and had just had his nails trimmed the day before.

Chipmunks will prevail.

13 thoughts on “The Chipmunk Has Not Expired…”

  1. How lucky for you namesake that greed and laziness ruled.
    One at least of the furry tyrants which shares this house likes killing things. And chasing things. Fortunately hie is not a terribly ept cat. Prey mostly escapes. Except me.

  2. Impressive that Dominic caught the chipmunk in the first place, with no claws and such. Glad to hear that he only had his claws trimmed, not pulled! Our cat was pretty much feeding outside when she was still young. Brought in a lot of mice and young birds, but never something as big. – Pretty impressive indeed.

    Glad to “see” you again online! Cheers!

    • I’m very opposed to surgically declawing cats. They just get nail trims, and usually only the front ones. Larry used to catch the occasional squirrel, and once while I was in the kitchen making dinner he dropped a bunny at my feet…

      I’ve been meaning to get in touch with you! I loved the discussion about scrolls you started on the listserv, and am so impressed with how your project is shaping up! More soon…

      • I only ever heard about American cats being declawed and couldn’t believe that this would be done when I first heard it. Honestly, I would have been surprised if you had your cats claws removed. But so much regarding animal keeping is culturally influenced, and I met people who seemed very friendly with their cats and still had this done and didn’t seem to think much of it – shudder. I think it is even illegal in Germany or possibly in all of the EU as part of a set of laws protecting animals against cruelty. It seems such an awful and unnecessary thing to do.

        Larry killed a full sized rabbit? Now that is really impressive! I don’t think I saw Jule have more than mice and small birds. But then, maybe she just brought in the trash and had all the good stuff for herself? ;-) My parents used to live at the border of their village, with wheat and corn fields extending right behind our back garden. There must have been plenty of mice and other small animals for her to chase. While she was young, Jule lived mainly outdoors, and just came in to nap and cuddle. We hardly saw her for days in a row sometimes. We continued to put out food and drink for her so that she would keep coming home, but at her best age she never aet much from us. We always assumed she mainly fed herself.
        When the rest of my family was on vacation, I sometimes cat-sitted her. – And then she hardly parted from my side, probably fearing her last human friend could simply vanish as well. I rather liked her wild side, but also enjoyed her company when we were alone. I guess pure house cats just can be very different pets to cats used to stay outside.

        Thanks for coming over to my blog to read up on what I have been doing. I don’t know how I managed to impress you with a project that doesn’t seem to get finished in more than a year, but I am happy that you apparently see the ever changing form as “shaping up”. I hope it really is. (I am rather frightened of letting it go and letting it be what it is, I must say.)

  3. Well, chipmunks are still going;the same cannot be said for a certain other blog, which is permanently, it seems, idling.
    Yesterday, Sporran left me a gift of a somewhat damaged cockroach.Right where my bare feet would find it en route to the light switch…

  4. Very happy to hear that both chipmunks are still alive and if not well, still going. Being an indoor cat, most of the gifts Mia brings me are of the stuffed variety ( toys, not taxidermy!)

    • Steve is an indoor cat (he has no street smarts). I wish Dom were as well, but he was once semi-feral and came to us as a stray. He goes wild if he can’t get out. We’ve made a compromise with him that he comes in for the night at dusk. Steve and Mia sound similar. Steve “hunts” things around the house. He once came striding proudly into the living room with a little stuffed (toy — not taxidermy) crow clutched in his jaws (it had been on top of a bookcase in another part of the house). It was funny — its legs were sicking out the side of his mouth. He was very proud of that “kill.”

  5. Happy to see you here, Ellen!

    I love our cat when he kills gophers, but last spring when he killed two baby bush tits, I saw red. I tried to save one, but the cat was surprisingly strong when in hunting mode (he came to us as a feral, too). Thanks for the excellent idea of teasing him away with another treat :)

    • And happy to see you, Amy! Sorry to hear about the baby bush tits. It is so sad when they get the babies, especially. I sometimes think how odd it is, that we invite these little creatures into our homes and beds as members of the family, cuddling them with kisses… knowing that their idea of a good time is killing and dismembering smaller animals.

      I do hope your little darling keeps the gophers outside. Long ago, one of a different generation of our cats brought in a mole and released it. It hid so well in the furniture we could not find it. Until a couple of weeks had passed… :-(

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