Arachnid Visitors

This doesn’t have anything to do with paper or art. But since I started this blog nearly a year ago mentioning the black widows in my studio, I thought I’d kick off the new year with another black widow in the studio story. Yesterday afternoon I reached behind my cutting table to grab a piece of cardboard. Suddenly, a you-know-what was scurrying toward my hand.

Mercifully, she then turned and ran like hell in the other direction. Still, one does not want to be holding a piece of cardboard with a startled black widow running around on it. I caught her and put her outside.  I imagine she’s left some cousins and sisters and maybe an egg sack or two behind. They hide well.

So I was amused to run across this old story on the BBC today. They’re so common around here. Apparently, they are quite a rare sensation when they show up in Wales.

700 eggs in the egg sack?

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