Confusion Reigns

Confusion Reigns
“Off to go get more medical advice!” 8 July 2001

I just returned from my latest medical excursion to the city. Still no answers. I’m supposed to go back next month. Why? I sometimes wonder. I guess because it beats trying to get any help from the local “specialists.” (Insert mental image of a duck. Quack! Quack!)

By coincidence, just before I left, I discovered this page in a sketchbook from July 2001. How some things never change!

And this photo might be the last you might see from me for a while. It’s not that I don’t want to blog. It’s that the last update of WordPress wrecked my ability to upload pictures to my blog. Judging by the help forums, I’m not alone. It turned out that I actually could still upload tiny photos … 

However, on the advice of some of those help forums, I contacted my web host. They attempted to be helpful. And now that their IT folks have had a crack at it, I can’t upload any image to the blog. My reward for trying continues to be a server error. To be continued…

The last thing I wanted was to write another hand-wringing post featuring more IT woes. But there you have it. Wish me luck!

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  1. Well, I was smacked in the face with a “different” dashboard when I logged on after a few weeks absence. And quite a few people have small images.Not all enlarge by clicking;which may be due to the mankeying at Wpress.or maybe just that the bloggers had resized them. sigh…
    But I look forward to a damn’ good rant when you can post it!

    • Thanks Di. WordPress keeps claiming it’s nothing they did, but clearly it is. I’m really frustrated. I had uploaded a bunch of photos before leaving on my excursion, thinking I’d put up a post on the road. But then I couldn’t use the photos. I do hope it will be fixed. At this point, I’m beginning to wonder!

  2. So sorry to hear you still don’t have any answers from your travels to San Francisco :-( It has been such a long time as your find proves. I found it hard enough when they fought about what to do about little girl’s problems, at least they always were rather clear about what it was that was causing problems… I hope at least they treat you better by now then they used to. The image of a piece of meat on a spit… My exeperience is that once you are considered THEIR patient rather than a duty they perform for a collegue things get better.

    I tried to upload a large image to the message-in-a-bottle blog (since that is the one that is hosted on wordpress) and encountered no problems whatsoever. I could publish it for you to try whether you can see it. But since you apparently have problems already on your end (not just viewing it) that might be unnecessary. – Maybe it is your host, then? I am about to update the wordpress software on my server now, and now I am a little afraid of doing so.

    Halt’ die Ohren steif!

    • One group of doctors I’ve seen are, of all things, pediatric neurogeneticists. (Many of the really awful genetic diseases that can afflict small children also have milder forms that can appear in adulthood. It was thought that I might have one of those.) It’s not great for me, but seeing the parents with their obviously very ill children was like entering some inner circle of hell. Whatever I’m going through, it felt rather insignificant compared to a parent having to watch a child suffer and having to make medical decisions on a child’s behalf, whether the cause of the illness is known or not.

      I have found that, yes, to some degree the deeper I get into the system down there, the more decently I’ve been treated (usually). I have found a couple of genuinely compassionate people there, and it makes such a big difference. Of course, there are still exceptions…!

      As for WordPress (a whole different sort of malady), it was the upgrade to 4.0 that seems to have caused problems for, from what I can tell, a sizable minority. For some, it was a conflict with a plugin. Unfortunately, I was one of the ones for whom no such easy fix was to be found. I tried everything mentioned online that I could, and then contacted my host, but all that did was make it all worse. Sigh… an art-related blog with no pictures isn’t much fun. Good luck with your own upgrade! I think most people were ok with it. That said, judging by WordPress’s own info, 4.0 seems to be buggy. Sigh.

      Indeed, a stiff upper lip!

  3. Thanks Miss Luddite. Good to hear from you. Truth be told, I’m not all that technically able myself, beyond what I’ve had to learn to keep the blog going. Alas. I just hope it will get fixed! I actually have photos to share…

  4. Sorry about WordPress being such a bitch — I thought it was only Blogger! Not to mention Firefox, which has become slow and plodding lately, and the fact that my computer simply rejects Google Chrome. So I plod along with Firefox, trying to do anything online anymore.
    Thanks for your comments on my latest blog posts. I’ve been thinking about your lately. Hope you’re doing alright being back home again until the next onslaught of medical tomfoolery.
    Let’s “talk” soon.

    • WordPress does indeed drive me to despair fairly regularly. However–good news! I found a workaround! I can’t upload photos in the usual way, but I discovered how to do it through the gallery plugin I have! So… I’ll be able to post again! And my hosting company is trying to be more helpful and claim they are working on it. So, not all hope is lost.

      Chrome has never worked for me, either. I use a Mac. It just hangs and crashes. I can’t fathom how anyone uses it. And Firefox causes its own problems. I’ve been sticking with the Mac-native browser, Safari, which seems to be the only one that actually works at the moment.

      Thinking about you too. Yes… let’s be in touch!

  5. Wishing you well with your workaround – I find technology a place of great love and wonder and absolute despair and frustration at times. Crossing many body parts on your behalf…

  6. I see from your comment above that the problem may be fixed. Hooray! I’d just made my way back to all things blog and was sad to hear you might be MIA.

    Sorry to hear that you are STILL in the middle of the medical mystery nightmare. (Sounds like a lot-less-fun Beatles’ album…)

    • Yes, the problem is fixed! I’ve just been too swamped with life and fatigue to get back to the blog as soon as I’d hoped. (AGH!) Soon… -ish.

      I’ve been assigned to see a neurologist who supposedly takes the weirdest cases at UCSF. Sort of the neuro of last resort. We’ll see… I go back and forth between finding it all comical and feeling despair.

      So glad to see you around again! I wish you as much stamina and wakefulness as possible! Thanks for checking in.

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