RSS: Really Sad Story (An Appeal to Resubscribe)

With grateful thanks to Buechertiger, I discovered that my blog feed was messed up without me knowing it. The new feed was working on my end and sporadically working elsewhere, so I didn’t realize that others were having a problem. It used to work. I’m not sure what happened — possibly it had something to do with the forward that I have set up from the old blog. Whatever it was, I’m grateful to my persistent friend for leading me to dealing with it.

Unfortunately, in spite of trying to do it without dumping everyone, the only way I was able to get everything working right in the end was to start over. ARGH!! My growing list of deeply appreciated followers is now . . . gone. Blogger misery and isolation.

I do realize I’m trying your patience at this point over this @#$%! blog move, but please, I’m hoping you’ll find it in your hearts (and that you’ll find that, on the whole, I’m more entertaining than annoying enough) to resubscribe, even if you just did after the move. This really should be the last time. Thank you very much. And now please excuse me while I go pound my head against the wall.

My answering machine says that I’ve been abducted by aliens again and when the probing is finished, I’ll return the call. Moving this blog has, at times, really felt like. . . never mind.

I’ve been thinking about caution signs. I’m currently working on an edition of flag books that has some inside. Not showing aliens, but surveillance cameras. A peek is coming soon.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a paper crafts story. I have a surveillance camera in my studio, aimed over my worktable. It’s actually just a paper model designed by Kenn Munk that came with the book Papercraft: Design and Art with Paper. But the weird thing is, even though I glued it together and put it there, I found myself, in the first few weeks it was there, frequently looking up at it with a vague sense of unease, as if it were real. I’ve noticed that people quietly eye it when they come in. Interesting.

9 thoughts on “RSS: Really Sad Story (An Appeal to Resubscribe)”

  1. It will take more than the vagaries of your blog to get rid of me. And it was working well enough to let me know that you had another post for me to devour. I love, love, love the surveillance camera and suspect I would be made uneasy by it on a bad day too. Hope things settle and you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

      • Hmm… also occurs to me that if you got a notification that there was a new post–perhaps not everyone will need to resubscribe?! It seemed as if it might actually have been the same RSS address, perhaps, but it blanked everything out and told me I now have 0 subscribers. I’m so confused.

  2. oh, indeed, this newest post also showed up in my reader (before resubscribing). The whole feed now looks different: The paste paper post is still missing, but the moving post from the new blog shows up. Weird indeed. Let’s see what happens when I try and resubscribe… Interesting. I’ll let you know if it doesn’t work. Right now the posts seem to be scrambled, the last entry is the post about Sohei Nishino Diorama Maps, but all the important things seem to be there.

    The surveillance camera looks real enough for me, too. That reminds me: I once read that in a study they found out that appeals like “please wash your coffee mugs right after using” in shared kitchens work much better if there is a pair of eyes depicted on the sign.

    • So strange. I really don’t understand what is going on. It just seems to be working now, as far as I can tell, and I’m grateful you persisted in helping me figure it out! I’m listed on Blog Catalog and a couple of other places, and the feed had stopped updating there. I couldn’t figure out what was going on, and since it wasn’t that important to me there, I just shrugged and didn’t think much of it. Perhaps this will explain it. I really do appreciate you alerting me to this.


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