And the Giveaway Winner is…

Everyone who left a comment on the last post! I couldn’t just pick one. I like all of you! The hard part now is picking out which big philatelic surprises to send…

I promise — I will actually put enough postage on your mail.

They’ll be mailed on Monday here in California. If I don’t know your address, I’ll be contacting you over the weekend.

7 thoughts on “And the Giveaway Winner is…”

  1. Woohoo, how exciting! Not to mention generous :)

    My address will be different (thats if you still have my old one!)I think. it’s in Orford, Suffolk now so if that’s not what you’ve got, let me know.

  2. Oh you lovely person you. Very excitement in so many ways – I look forward to hearing from you and checking my mail! So glad of our time-zone warp which let me play.


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