She’s Alive!

These aren't the cat's.
These aren’t the cat’s.

Hmm… it seems if a gal mentions her physical maladies on her blog and then disappears for several months, some kind readers will begin to worry. Thank you to those who’ve contacted me, and apologies if I still haven’t gotten back to you! I haven’t forgotten.

Yes, things caught up with me. Ours is a dual-degenerative-malady household (triple if we include the elderly cat — his pill dispenser has its own spot between ours). Things, alas, get “interesting” from time to time.

There was also an out-of-town jaunt to a Big City Academic Medical Center somewhere in there too. (Short answer: whatever I have, it’s rare. But they don’t know what I have.) A similar excursion is coming in the near future. It’s likely to be as futile as the last, even as the tests they plan to run seem ever more exotic.

Fortunately, there’s a great art supply place with a mind-numbingly huge paper selection not far from the Big City Academic Medical Complex. It’s also staffed by incredibly nice people. I discovered this when I, dead tired, drove away and left my cane standing in their parking lot. They took good care of it for me until I could return the following day. In fact, they were all so nice when I came back, what could I do, but buy some more papers to thank them?

One day when things were becoming particularly overwhelming, my dear friend Shirl showed up and whisked me away to one of our favorite haunts, the delightful Dollhouses, Trains and More in Marin County for some toy shopping. She knows what soothes my heart. The minute I saw this precious little empty store counter, I knew I wouldn’t be filling it with Fimo candies.

Candy Counter
Candy Counter.

She also urged me to get this lovely tableau for the studio. How can you not love someone like that?

Studio Tableau

Studio Tableau Close-up

But life goes on. I’ll be back soon to tell you about some nifty laminated papers I recently made, my latest plaything-journal-sketchbook, and my progress on the Book Art Object editions. I’m also working on some sketchbook models with an eye to putting together a workshop. Let’s just hope things stay relatively “uninteresting.”

18 thoughts on “She’s Alive!”

  1. How nice to see that you have been able to annex/borrow/steal the time and energy to put a post up.
    Yay for Shirl – a friend to cherish.
    And heres to boring times ahead. Very, very boring times…

    • Thanks E.C. I’m impressed you managed to annex/borrow/steal any time at all to be online, let alone to check in here so quickly! I’m honored. Indeed, to boring times ahead! Very, very boring times for both of us!

  2. Well I’m jolly glad you are still alive, for sure! I have thought about you and wondered where you had got to but I know I bow in and out of the Internet for health reasons so I just assumed you hadn’t the energy to be here.

    I’m glad you are back and, as I was looking at your play book again the other day and pondering bindings, eager to see your new one!

    • Hi Sarah! So nice to see you here. I’ve thought about you too. Alas, I know you understand all too well about medical ups and downs! “Pondering bindings”? Are you thinking of making books? I’d love to see any that you make.

  3. Good to see you back online!
    The paper shop looks indeed impressive, and I can well imagine that they provide good distraction. – I am looking forward to reading what laminated papers you might have made.
    And I have been coming back and looked at your last plaything post and photos on ipernity. It is very interesting, and I am very curious: Is there a chance you show us some pages of a used plaything book?

    • Greetings Hilke! You are one of those I’ve been thinking a lot about… !

      At your request, I will take some photos of the last, mostly filled plaything… There are also some photos, both in the last post and on Ipernity, of a few “played with” pages of a previous one. I’m so glad you find them interesting. Thanks!

  4. Oh-oh…when someone with a bigger plateful than I have updates the blog…Dinah feels bad. Well, used to feel bad. Now I just feel lazy.Which, apparently, is better.
    Pleased you are clawing your way through book-y things.And apologies are not necessary.
    I’m slowly adding to my ipernity site and maintaining Flickr because not everyone wants to move!
    Stay well!

    • Don’t feel bad. I’ve been noticing quite a few people taking blog breaks and/or reassessing things they’re doing. It seems to be the spirit of the moment.

      I’m glad you did make the jump to Ipernity too. I miss Flickr and many of my old contacts there… the old, more usable and nicer-to-look-at Flickr…

      Well wishes to you too. And maybe not quite so many snakes in the garden. ;-)

  5. That candy counter is quite something. I saw a fascinating piece in a contemporary art gallery where a woman had arranged every piece of medication she’d had (not the actual ones she’d had if you know what I mean).

    Wishing you many uninteresting times…I know exactly what you mean.

    • Greetings Tracy! It’s so good to see you here. Thanks. I think I actually saw a photo of that art installation you mention. Indeed, it was rather fascinating.

      And to you, I wish you calm, uninteresting times as well… !

  6. Dear Chipmunk! You can tell my finger slipped and posted that previous comment a little prematurely. I didn’t realize that you were also a Double Disability household. How did we both (all) get so lucky? I’ve your blog open on a tab on my phone browser since the day you posted, but your comment on mine has pushed me into action. It’s good to see what you have been up to, and I love all your little tableaus, esp the “candy”. Wouldn’t it be nice if all these tiring trips to far-flung or even handy medical facilities actually had some effect beyond draining one’s bank balance?
    Sorry if this seems a rather dis-jointed comment, but a rather heavy fog has rolled in. Take care, xxx

    • Hi Amanda! I just realized I hadn’t responded to you on the blog, although I think I did manage a private message before departing. Yes, I’m in a motel room, and indeed draining my bank balance(!). And, yes, all for naught yet again. The assortment of medical professionals this time has ranged from unusually nice and trying to be helpful (but not having a clue) to condescending and dismissive (and not having a clue). It’s been, shall we say, dispiriting. Deeply dispiriting.

      Likewise, take care yourself…

      • Thanks for your email. It really was a treat to hear your news and I’m planning a response soon.
        Hmmph! Condescending AND ignorant! That’s so unfair. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. One day they’ll get theirs. Of that I am sure. Safe trip home to your pussy-cats, hope the sick one [whose name I’ve forgotten :-( ] is improving. xo

        • Hmm… for some reason your reply remained unapproved and nestled in with some spam for a couple of weeks. Sorry about that! And thanks for the reply.

          Unfair, yes. I’m still irritated about that last appointment! I confess, my lower nature does occasionally fantasize about suitable ailments that particularly condescending and arrogant doctors should wind up with, along with what appropriate “care” they should get from their colleagues…

          As for Larry the cat, thanks. He’s stable for now… another story, alas.

  7. There is only one expert on your body: YOU. Those doctors often have no clue and should be put in place. They don’t feel what you feel. Keep fighting them because as long as you fight your body knows that you are fighting for the both of you, mind and body.
    I know that when health is failing our wishing lists become very short…

    • Thanks Catherine. Well said, and so true. And, even while fighting, it’s so hard to know what to trust and how much one should let them do in the name of a diagnosis. But not knowing is really tough. It sounds sick to say this, but I’m actually kind of relieved(!) that my MRIs these days are now coming back showing visual proof that I’m not making this up. Years ago, that wasn’t the case, and I was treated much worse by medical people.

      And thanks for stopping by here in the midst of your own moving stress! So lovely to see you here. Good luck with everything!

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