12 thoughts on “Happy Christmas!”

    • Barely time. And would you believe, it the middle of all this, I had a weeks-long headache with my (now former) domain registrar. Paperchipmunk-dot-com nearly went offline. Mostly sorted now, I’m glad to say!

      The envelope was one of a few drafts for a card exchange with the local book arts guild. In print, it actually looked a bit more like an homage to Hitchcock than a Christmas greeting! But the one I printed out didn’t look so hot onscreen. Funny how that works. Thanks–I’m glad you like it!

  1. Hi Ellen,
    Thank-you and I hope that you are up to a little celebration yourself. I had a lovely day yesterday (Xmas) but am finding it hard to stump up for the second round today – sigh. Am really going to try to look after myself, and maybe lie down quite a bit. You take care too!
    Best wishes for 2014!
    Amanda xx

    • So lovely to hear from you. Right after Christmas breakfast, I headed for the couch and took a long nap with Dominic the cat. It was all I was good for!

      I wish you naps that are actually restorative, rest, peace… and enough energy for a little creative time…. Do take care.

    • So very nice to hear from you too! Thanks. I have seen your blog recently, but was called away by Larry the cat, who was slashing up my arms wanting food before I could leave a comment… Glad to know I’m not the only cat lady sucker! Ha ha. And she’s adorable!

      • Not to worry! Good to hear that is was just a technical (or memory) glitch. I suspected you were too unwell to moderate comments, so this is a very good explanation.
        I am looking forward to seeing what you will be doing this year!

        • This year… mostly just desperately wanting to be done with the BAO editions! I thought I’d have had them mailed off a year ago. I was relieved to get a couple of emails the other day from others in one of my groups who are also still not done with theirs. At least I’m not the only slow one! But what I really want to do is sew some sketchbooks with your beautiful thread.


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