Sep 062013

Count me in as another bookie blogger with an entry in the new 500 Handmade Books, vol. 2. I feel honored to have my work included with that of so many top-notch book artists I admire. The piece pictured is Mysophobia: Mainstream Culture, from an edition of 15 I made a while back.

My entry, Mysophobia: Mainstream Culture

500 Handmade Books

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  1. Congratulations. I loved this when you first showed it to us – and love it still. And I am wrapt that you are getting some recognition for your clever-clogs creations.
    A wobbly happy dance is happening in your honour here…

  2. Wow, good for you! I’ll be ordering the book next time I place an Amazon order. I love the first one in the series, they’re all SO inspiring.
    Hope you’re well.

  3. I remember your first experiments with this book. I’m so delighted to see your books featured in this book. Now to buy one……

  4. Thanks Connie and Michele! I spied two other Norbag folks in there too (out-of-towners who frequently take part in the exchanges). There may be others whose names I haven’t recognized. There is a nice selection in there. I do hope you enjoy the book.

  5. Congratulations Ellen! That’s very well deserved :)

  6. Congrats. I’m a bit stiff today for happy dances, but the intention is there! :-)

  7. Woo-Hoo! (Not even going to attempt a happy dance, as I’d surely trip and fall.) Super congrats!! Your books are so clever. Well deserved.

  8. Hah, I just ordered that book. My teacher Joan Newall is in it too, I think on page 52. Now I will have to look up yours also when it arrives. Come on Amazon, hurry up! I need it. (I do have version 1 of this book…). Thanks for your comment on my blog, that really cheered me up. And what are you blabbing about my organisation skills? Look at yours with the hanging wall thingie… GREAT!

    • Hi Catherine–thanks for stopping in again. I’ll be sure to look up Joan in the book. I do hope you enjoy it, once it makes it to you. I’m so glad I found your blog via the link you kindly made to my old post. I’ve had an enjoyable time browsing around there.

      Ah, yes, organization…. but note I’m showing only the top of the wall and nothing underneath! Alas.

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