Bookmarks VII Update

A while ago I mentioned that I was taking part in Bookmarks VII, the latest installment of an international book arts project organized through the Centre for Fine Print Research at the University of the West of England in Bristol. Book artists from around the world contribute an edition of 100 bookmarks for free distribution to chosen venues such as bookstores, libraries, galleries and schools in different countries.  

The idea is to introduce more people to book art, while allowing the artists to get their work out to a broad array of the public. Each artist also gets to keep a collated set of everyone’s bookmarks. This was the third time I’ve taken part. I must say, it’s exciting to get that bundle in the mail, filled with little works of art. My edition of 4 designs is described on their website as well as in my earlier post.

This year has another local twist. Eureka Books, which also just hosted the North Redwoods Book Arts Guild exhibition I’d been making stuff for, is, for the first time, one of the worldwide distribution points (one of only 3 in the US). It’s wonderful to see book art, and book artists, getting all this attention in our little remote corner of the world.

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  1. The bookmarks are delightful as are all the wonderful things you make. And hooray for Eureka books ; they are a great addition to our community.

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