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The Miniature Book Society’s news page has a couple of links to videos of miniature movable books that dates from their Conclave last year in 2012 . I especially liked this one by Larry Seidman showcasing views of modern miniature artists’ books. Alas, it doesn’t say which book is whose, nor are all of the artists listed, which can be a bit frustrating. Even so, you’ll want to have a cup of tea in hand and settle in. 

7 thoughts on “Happy Web Discovery”

  1. Amazing! I see what you mean about being happy about a break after 11:31 minutes. I am feeling quite “booked out” (as Sarah Bodman once said) after seeing the video. – A pity that of some only covers were shown, I think it would have been better to either not show them at all, or show them better. Some of the exhaustion I feel now also comes from too short a view on many books.
    But I am happy I have seen the video. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have been saving this as a treat. Something to cherish my mind and my soul when I should be doing other, more ‘productive’ things. And I have finally got here, and can only sit in awe.
    I agree that I would have liked more detail about the people who created these amazing books, and perhaps more detail from each book. Except that then it might have been an eleven and a half hour video.
    And, of course, I wanted to see more of The Elephant’s Child.

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