Happy New Year!


This is the front of a postcard I concocted in Photoshop for a recent exchange with friends in my local book arts guild, NORBAG. The lucky black cat is Steve the kitten.

The actual item was inkjet printed on plain old Strathmore Bristol which, surprisingly to me, sometimes works quite well for this purpose. And the printouts don’t scratch easily, as they do with coated papers meant for inkjet. It’s not suitable for everything — graphic-type pieces like this tend to come out best.

Happy, lucky New Year everyone!

13 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. And much luckiness to you, too, Ms. Chipmunk.
    Interesting note about the Strathmore. I have been printing (inkjet) on that and really love it.
    Off to check windows before the next storm blows in…tropical summer.

    • Thank you, dear Geiger, for letting your Secretary use your account.

      Isn’t the Strathmore surprisingly good? Strathmore Drawing also is great, especially for black and white text and images. I’ve used it to print at least one edition.

      Good luck with the windows! I do not like wind myself.

  2. I love, love, love your postcard. You are soooo clever and Stevie is such a photogenic charmer. I suspect that like Jazz he knows it too. Health and happiness (and the one depends on the other) for you in this coming year.

    • Thanks E.C. Of course Steve knows how photogenic and gorgeous he is. All cats know this.

      And the very best wishes for health and happiness for you as well. Very best. And for those whose health and happiness affect your health and happiness…

  3. I just found your blog via one of about 46 I’ve visited tonight. Several things seem noteworthy: I have MS. I have a black cat (Squeaky the Cat, to be precise; she does insist on being referred to this way). I have recently had to scale back my 9 – 5 work and am looking for creative outlets, such as writing and something crafty. Not tricky crafty; making-cool-things-(ideally) crafty. A longwinded way of saying I love your blog. And chipmunks!

    Ms. CrankyPants

    • Thanks Susan/Ms. CrankyPants! So pleased to know The Chipmunk has stood out from a crowd of about 46! But I’m sorry to hear that we have things in common on the health end. Black cats and crafty things, however…! We seem to be quite a club, we bloggers with black cats. I know at least 3 others. (I, alas, until around Christmas had 3 black cats, but am now down to 2. Our beloved, but ill and elderly, Lila passed away recently.)

      Your new blog is great! I’m definitely subscribing! Thanks for stopping by.

      • I, too, am sorry we have MS in common; the other things are fun.

        Also, very sorry to hear about Lila. I wasn’t a “cat person” until my dog of 18 years, Popcorn, died. Before that happened, my sister asked me to look after a tiny black kitten while she and her husband went on vacation. Naturally, that tiny black kitten became a permanent member of my family. I think that was her plan… since then, I’ve had four cat “kids” (no human ones). I guess I’m officially a cat person now! Anyway, what a long, silly ramble. I look forward to reading your blog! It definitely stood out!!

        Ms. CrankPants :)


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