A Peek at the Mirror

Here’s a peek at one of the finished mirrors set in its board book page.

I’ve been discovering ways to make board books a little more efficiently. (One of the rewards of making an edition–by the time you’re done, you’ll really know how to make that structure! Not to mention you’ll also¬†really know just about everything that can go wrong when making that structure. Alas.)

More on that soon… I’m going back to gluing pages. That is, assuming our electric stays on. We’re in the midst of a storm and the lights keep blinking. It might instead turn into a chilly night reading by flashlight. Ech.

(Lest anyone worry, we’re not in a flood zone.)

7 thoughts on “A Peek at the Mirror”

    • Only a how-to post on board books so far. ;-) I will add more info soon–I figured out how to rig up a jig that makes it so much easier to glue the pages onto the boards.

      And, thank you, yes–we stayed warm! And lit! The electric stayed on. It’s always iffy whenever there’s a lot of wind and rain. The downside of life in the Redwoods…

  1. It looks quite amazing Ellen. Great to see you are progressing so well with it. Fingers crossed for some decent progress here too!
    Do Keep warm! Tomorrow we’re expecting 39 degrees – CELSIUS!!!! Ugggh!

    • Fingers crossed for both of us!

      As for the boiling sauna in which you live….AAGH!!! Honestly, I’d take flickering power over that any day! I do not like heat. And with a chance of rain, no less (I just looked). I hope you have some good air conditioning!

      Reminds me of the summer I once spent in Southern Indiana, which gets far hotter and wetter than anything in California. While there, I audited a class taught by a dapper classicist who always wore a bow-tie. On one particularly unpleasant late summer day, a student moaned, “I’m roasting!”

      “No no,” said the professor. “In Indiana, one is not roasted. One is parboiled.”


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