The latest We Love Your Books exhibition, Minute, is now up at the University of Northampton. It includes my flip book depicting one minute on the clock. This year the exhibit in Northampton was selected from a larger online show, and views of it can be seen here. A catalogue can be seen and bought here. “Minute” could be interpreted in any way desired, and there’s some genuinely fascinating work here.

11 thoughts on “Minute”

  1. What a perfect idea for a flip book! Congratulations on your selection, and thanks for the link too. There are some lovely and intriguing interpretations of “minute”.

  2. I still very much like the concept, simplicity and whit behind it. – So beautiful! Elephant’s Child really summed it up well.
    I hope you’ll manage make an edition out of it, as you mentioned you planned a while ago.

    • Thank you Hilke the book tiger. I had been planning to make a couple more at the time, but the feed mechanism on my printer broke (it was actually quite an effort to get the 60+ pages printed for the one!). I have a new printer now, but I haven’t had time to go back to it…yet. All in time, I guess/hope. I am glad you like it. :-)


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