Oh my . . . I’ve Done It.

Chipmunk Fretting

I can’t say it’s quite as bad as moving house, but moving a blog turned out to be an adventure. I’m not sure it’s really all done. And there is, I know, some funky formatting on some of the imported old posts.

But the Chipmunk is here, settling in to her new home. I’m feeling a wave of emotion I hadn’t expected leaving the old space. Comfort and familiarity and end of an era and all that . . .

I hope WordPress will be good to me. I will say, setting this up was not easy. I wouldn’t want to do it again any time soon. I also discovered, after much gnashing of teeth and feeling crazed, that the reason I couldn’t properly import my old posts had nothing to do with me or WordPress or the import plugin. It turned out my old domain host had been a hopelessly bad idea. I got to switch my domain around too. But now I am here.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who put up with my attempt at trying a new comment system over at Blogger, which turned out to be neither very useful nor good. That sort of thing won’t be necessary here.

And thanks to my followers and friends who’ve decided to update their readers and bookmarks to stay with me here. If you haven’t already, please consider it. I had no idea when I started this a couple of years ago how amazing the blog world is. I’d hate to lose any of you (well . . . with one or two exceptions . . . ;-)

So pass the nuts and welcome to my new place. And please don’t forget to update your bookmarks and reader settings!

26 thoughts on “Oh my . . . I’ve Done It.”

  1. Ok. I am going to try again. It seems to want me to be a wordpress user (which I haven’t got to yet).

    Big congratulations and yes, I will follow you here too (does that make me a stalker?)

    Good luck with your class later this week.

    • Hmm… I feel terribly guilty that my WordPress experience seems to have rubbed off on you. This thing was so frustrating to put together. I’m hoping I can leave a note here warning people that moderation is on. I’m glad you alerted me to this.

      Take care…

  2. I am having so much trouble leaving a comment here.
    I think it is a screw loose in the operator.
    Welcome to your new home. I have definitely followed you (does this make me a stalker?), but, at the moment can’t comment.
    Good luck for your class at the end of the week and let us know how it goes.

    • SIgh… I’ve burned myself out so much on this #$%@! blog that I’m feeling even more unprepared for the @#$%! class.

      I’m in a @#$%! frame of mind, in case you can’t tell… heh.

    • Oh dear–so sorry for the hassle! I got your comments just fine, as you can see. I moderate all my comments by necessity, unfortunately. It’s actually a big part of the reason why I switched to WordPress–the options for that are much more dynamic. Blogger tells people that the comment is awaiting moderation, but I guess WordPress is more cryptic? Kind of figures–it seems like every stage of putting this blog together has been incomprehensible like that. Alas, thanks for persevering. Keep in mind, too, it’s also the middle of the night here, so you might not always get feedback from me right away (although I do keep weird hours). Once again, you’ve helped me test and (hopefully) debug my system. I’m so happy to have new comments from someone nice on my new blog :-)

      I’m hoping that if you’re able to be online, that things are being a bit more stable today. I am thinking about you.

      • PS Irony of ironies–I was able to approve comments on my old blog, but Blogger is screwed up and I can’t answer anyone over there. Sigh… and to think, this blogging thing is supposed to be a relaxing (?) pastime. I am touched you’d be fussing with my blog problems in the midst of your real problems. Thanks for checking in on me. I hope now that I haven’t clogged your inbox with all my replies! Ack… (And I do hope this was simply a matter of moderation confusion–it should not be insisting on an open ID or WordPress ID. Those should only be options. If it helps, I noticed that it has a check box for Open ID under/near the comments. You might want to make sure that’s off if you don’t need it. So sorry this turned into a frustration! I hope these hiccups smooth out soon. Thanks for helping me sort it out!

  3. Congratulations! It looks GREAT!!!
    May the blog road ahead be free of (pain in the neck) blog composition and blog visitors unwelcome comments…

  4. Congrats on your move! I use WordPress and love it. It takes a while to get used to everything, but you’ll get there.

    If you have any questions, feel free to poke me. :)

    • Hi Elissa,

      Thanks! I appreciate the encouragement. I must say, it was a steep learning curve. But now that I’ve made it (mostly), I’m appreciating the benefits. Next detail on the list is figuring out why my Gravatar isn’t working . . .

  5. Looks great Ellen. I can only imagine the stress. I have subscribed to you :-) I wish I’d discovered NetNewsWire years ago, it would have saved me so much confusion and getting lost on the interweb ;-)

  6. Well, put me out of my misery. How did your class go? And more importantly how are you after it? Firing on all cylinders I hope but I remember from a previous incarnation that teaching is very, very draining.

    (The smaller portion might get home tomorrow. Digits crossed.)

    • Sigh. . . I did ok until about 2/3 in. The eyes gave out. The everything started giving out. Fortunately it was a small enrollment and I think I faked it ok. When I got home, things started to go numb and twitch in ways and to an extent I hadn’t experienced before. Scary, actually. I’m recovering. Doing better now.. sort of. Feeling cranky. Yesterday was a bit upsetting. I had to get some groceries and do another errand. Wound up crashing hard by the time I made it to the store, which is a self-righteous health food place. I was in tears struggling to get my groceries into the car, when a furious woman I’d never before met apparently thought I looked too able to have a handicapped parking permit (for the record, I frequently used to have to come home without getting groceries when I couldn’t park close enough, since the parking lot is impossible for me.) I really wasn’t in the mood for someone being indignant because I’m not in a wheelchair yet.

      But it’s just a class and a trip to the store, not stress like yours at the moment. I hope you’re holding up ok…ugh. My digits are firmly crossed that you get him sprung from that place soon!

      • Tapioca brain and jelly legs. BUT the smaller portion is home and we can start the long slow recuperation/convalesence. Aaargh. So not looking forward to that.

        And yes I am not surprised you faded, but neither am I surprised that you faked it well. The secret to sucess in sincerity. Once you can fake that you have it made. Take care of yourself. And the parking woman is a pain. A self righteous pain. And a waste of oxygen.

        • Oh EC…what a nightmare. At least, thank goodness, no more daily hospital runs! But I know it’s going to be rough. And slow. I’m glad you posted your comment. I’ve been wondering what was going on and hoping there hadn’t been any unforeseen hitches. Good luck. . . and then some. Unreal.

          I do appreciate your understanding. It’s such a weird kind of private misery, having something that is largely invisible to the outside world that is so debilitating. That self-righteous waste of oxygen in the parking lot got to me. I know it’s not worth the mental space. I also know, alas, it won’t be the last time.

          • Oh so with you. Not long after I was diagnosed a person from work strongly urged me to get second and third opinions ‘because I didn’t look like I had MS’. Huh? And lots (all) of MS sucks but for me one of the hardest is the fatigue. Which is invisible. And the jelly brain. Ditto. I wish painful haemorrohoids onto people like that self righteous twit. No one will see it, but she will feel it. Lots.

            • Oh! Thank you for the first real genuine smile I’ve had in a while! You sure do know how to brighten a mood.

              I went for 10+ years in a lot of pain and debilitating sick and fatigue before I finally got the diagnosis (there’s more, but I might save that for a private message). Through all that, I mostly got disbelief and “helpful advice.” I’m so with you–the fatigue and the cognitive losses are the things I too find hardest to cope with. That and pain. Those take away so much, and show no outward sign. People just think you’re an inconsiderate flake… and the type of person who would, obviously, steal someone else’s handicapped placard just to get a lazy spot at the market.

              Yes, hemorrhoids. . . ! Big, nasty. . . :-)

              • Are you OK? Just worried that you might have crashed and burned after the class. We do need to give some serious thought to words which carry more weight than fatigue, (and pain and jelly brain while we are at it). Life here is manic and I expect to pay big time when I stop long enough. Aaaargh.

                • “Fatigue” really doesn’t cut it. Neither does “pain” or “jelly brain.” Definitely need some better terminology! I really wish things weren’t so awful at your end right now, and can only imagine. And imagine vividly.

                  I’ll be posting again soonish. I have been having a lot of that fatigue thing–whatever the best word for it is! And busy preparing for another class while having it.

  7. The new site looks good! I hope you will feel at home at wordpress soon, too. As you know I personally like using it. But I never tried moving a site, I only started anew with the new tool. I can imagine that it was a headache – stubborn computers/systems which seem to be unwilling to cooperate and stubbornly insist on having their way are so frustrating! so congratulations for subduing them to your will this time :-)
    So then, let’s see whether commenting here is easier than before…

      • Buechertiger! I’m so happy to see your name here! Your beautiful card made my day. Thank you! I’ve been planning to respond in a similarly old fashioned way. Are you actually back online?!

        Thanks for the good wishes. I was especially wanting you to see this, seeing as we’d discussed WordPress and you were so encouraging about it. I’m glad I made the move, although getting here. . . I hope things are going well with you! Been thinking of you.

    • Greetings Kristabel. Thanks for the kind comment. And for putting up with my increasingly crazed updates on FB as I was working on this. Oh dear . . .

      I’m so glad you signed up for the workshop! Thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing you too. As a side note, I’m bringing some tools, paper and Tyvek, but if you have anything you want to try painting with or a paper you’d particularly like to try, feel free to bring it.


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