9 thoughts on “Nothing Conveys Danger Like Comic Sans”

  1. What I find scary is the number of things that we need to be warned about – in any font. Would you stand on your oven door? There is a warning on ours that it is unsafe to do so.

  2. Well these folks, they’re not too bright, and they startle real easy, see. So the soothing curves of comic sans is about as much as they can handle. That is, if they can read!


    • Heh heh… Pretty amazing, isn’t it? This is a major brand gasoline, too, which makes it even more…puzzling. The sign is posted at every pump at the station–a sea of Comic Sans warning against blowing everything up due to absent-minded stupidity.

  3. I can’t really believe some one has done that but they must have for the warning to be put up also comic sans ohhh my!

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