12 thoughts on “Fabric score!”

  1. Ellen…don’t forget, you can scan the fabric on your printer and have a paper copy of this! Of course it will only be 8-1/2″ x 11″ (unless you have legal size capabilities) but nevertheless, the possibilities of using it as paper are endless.


      • PS I began my comment to you with “Thanks!” but it wouldn’t let me post it. It said I’d already posted that comment. Huh? Turns out my reply to Anna also said “thanks.” As far as WordPress is concerned, they were the same comment. I’m getting so grumpy with whatever it is that WordPress is doing with their comment system. First the log-in nonsense, and now it’s rejecting our comments! Hiss.

    • Thanks Anna! I actually sewed my current studio apron from a fabric I’d found that looked marbled. But chipmunks… ! I think the marbled one is going to have competition.

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