And the winner is…

…each of the nice people who commented on my last post! To show my appreciation, I am putting my vending machine capsule books into a cookie jar and randomly drawing one for each of you. Thank you all for your comments and good wishes!

I’ve emailed everyone whose mailing addresses I don’t already have. If you think you should’ve been one of those people and haven’t heard from me, please let me know.

8 thoughts on “And the winner is…”

  1. oh how sweet of excited l am going to receive one of your tiny books….yehand opening my own studio and workshops all in the same week! Life is so excitingxxlynda

    • You are so kind. Of course you should be checking your mail…tee hee…

      Glad to see you were able to comment! Apparently, WordPress has upset quite a few people in the last day or two, including me.

      • There are still a few WordPress accounts which are demanding that I sign in before I can comment. And I have no idea how to achieve this feat. They tell me that my email is associated with a WordPress account. Huh?

        • Ugh. I’m so mad about this. I take it you were able to comment without that here, since you’ve appeared? I hope? Apparently, WordPress decided to “upgrade” their system yesterday without telling anyone. I couldn’t leave a message or log in over at Di’s and I have a WordPress account! It turned out–get this–that the WordPress login that I use to get access to my blog is not actually my WordPress login. Makes sense to you, doesn’t it?

          Combing through the forums, I got the impression that it will snag anyone using a Gravatar, even if that person doesn’t have WordPress–and it looks as if you have one, since you have a picture here that appears with your name. Someone suggested that your Gravatar sign-in might work. Which I’m sure you easily remember, right? Ha. Or did you even sign up with Gravatar? Is Blogger doing it for you automatically these days? I’ve noticed that many more people with Blogger are now appearing here with avatars than used to.

          The link Dinah Mow sent me to the angry forum entries at WordPress is here. We are not alone in our irritated confusion and frustration.

  2. oh, such a generous and funny gift! I am just sorry that apparently you are not going to put them in a vending machine after all. I would have liked to see that. I so like the idea of art in vending machines. Maybe I should have a go myself…

    • I might still do the vending machine. If anything, this gives me ideas on things I could do for more capsule books. I’m just so frustrated over how long it takes me to do anything anymore…alas. I make plans, it seems, and my body has a good laugh. That said, I know how much you are having your own version of productivity frustration at the moment! However, I’d love to see what you would do with the vending machine idea, especially knowing how delightful your mini books are.


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