4 thoughts on “More Papyrus”

    • Sick? Me? Sometimes just to amuse myself I like to count Papyrus sightings as I go through the day–flyers, shop signs, ads… My current favorite is a local funeral home that keeps running ads on the obituary page of the local rag. All in Papyrus, of course. In one version that ran for quite a while, there was also no word spacing whatsoever in the header–just run-on Papyrus. And illustrated with pictures that were obviously stretched and distorted. I so wish I’d clipped it out.

  1. Even tho’ I kinda like Papyrus (ah hem, sorry!) I thoroughly sympathize. I personally dislike Comic Sans but even more, I can’t stand it when things are just stretched to he** in order to fit. I’ve even spotted it done with decorative designs on a house near here! It makes me shake my head every time I pass it.

    • Even on a house? Wow.

      I keep meaning to get a photo of a sign posted at a nearby gas station. It warns people most solemnly of the dangers of driving off with the pump still lodged in one’s gas tank. It is, of course, all written in Comic Sans.

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