They are bad luck to climb on as well.

Heavens. I’m feeling superstitious about my last post mentioning ladders and superstition. Shortly afterwards, I fell off a stepladder. Remarkably little damage was done, considering. I’m ok. Still, a bit unnerving. I’ve been trying to tidy up the studio a bit (which sounds so tame–actually, I can’t work in there at the moment. It’s utter chaos). Perhaps there should be superstitious beliefs about high shelves.

I’d sworn I was not going to commit myself to anything this year. Then I signed up with Book Art Object … and now I just signed up to also do a second 10-book edition for Book Art Object. My second title will be Poison. I’m wondering how strict the definition of “book” is over there. I was originally thinking of another “children’s” board book, but then I started contemplating the medicine bottles filled with capsules I did several years ago. I also recently came into possession of a bunch of discarded psychiatry journals. Possibilities there, somehow? Perhaps not straight capsules, but something similar that provides texts and pictures. Or perhaps something completely different–say, a book about how some people are poison? Just dreaming up ideas at this point. I like this part of the creative process–mad scribbling of ideas and playing around with things to see what might work. And it’s much more enjoyable if I start now, rather than waiting 8 months into the project.

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  1. Ooh! Maybe Sara’s “random selection monitor” will draw us in the same group and I’ll get a poison capsule!

    And the only concern, regarding the bookishness of your work would be costs to you in mailing it.And, of course, the restrictions imposed by our Customs chaps!

    Part of these exchanges is the sheer delight of seeing how others present their ideas. Of course, there are one or two stuffed-shirts who think all books should be books in the conventional sense (like the judge at SCU http://doubleelephant.blogspot.com/2011/02/test.html scroll waaay down to read what he said.)

    And stay off bloody ladders!

    • I’d love to be in a group with you, D.! Thanks for the feedback. I did have a vision of Australian customs x-raying the box and seeing a bunch of bottles filled with capsules filled with something weird. Heh. I would hope that a visual inspection would clear up any uncertainty. But then again … bureaucrats. Need we say more.

      Thanks for the link. Prof. Woodrow would sure find my work lacking in taste and value! Made me think back to a group book arts exhibition I once was in. A friend of mine, a literary intellectual sort who is not a visual artist, seemed almost agitated by the entries, mine included. “These aren’t books!” Mine was a paper doll made of pharmaceutical packaging hugging several “pills” which were little capsule-shaped booklets cut out from pharma inserts. I noted that it included several items made of paper pages and bound with linen thread. “But it has no text! Where’s the story? Where’s the message?” “Oh, it has a message. You just have to know how to read it.”

  2. An interesting theme, with almost endless possibilities. I am liking the poisonous people, but can see no reason why you couldn’t do a double or triple link up – the poisons necessary to rid yourself of poisonous people? And the psychiatry journals ….

  3. These are wonderful ideas Ellen, and I am with you in starting early on a project, especially when the ideas are storming fresh and the enthusiasm is going strong.
    Do stay away from heights though, especially those provided by step ladders and seeming so innocent! I try to avoid them at any cost and when I have to…, I wait until someone is right here with me to catch me- if he can!

    • Thanks for the feedback Anna! I do appreciate it. And yes, stepladders are indeed sinister. Needless to say, I hope you never need your catcher/spotter to actually ever have to catch! Agh! I’m planning to buy one of those grabber things for annoying items on high shelves. As you say, avoid heights whenever possible!

  4. I love these ideas and as Di mentioned, the only restriction is for yourself – to remember that you have to post this off all around the world. Both weight AND volume is a consideration as you probably know. My last book (storybox) was 10cm x 10cm x 10cm and while only about 120 grams, it cost over $20 to post each overseas! Ouch!
    But still, it’s a great idea – maybe a small bottle of capsules is a possibility?

    • I thought we were mailing one big package to Sara to distribute, or am I misunderstanding? Whatever the case, I will keep your $20 a piece postal tale in mind! Eek! I am glad to know I have some latitude in defining “book”. The capsule idea is growing on me.

      • Sorry–I’m being fuzzy of head (what else is new!). Of course we are mailing them to each of the people in our group, and Sara will collect the ones to Sarah Bodman. At least neither of my books will be called Returned to Sender. (Private joke–I once did have a book with that title that I sent to England. Guess what happened.)

  5. Hope you are feeling better.x Superstitions are funny things, even though l know they are not “real”,don’t be silly l tell myself. But l still don’t walk under ladders, l still talk to single Magpies and so on!Ha Good luck with your book ideasx lynda


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