Spinner Cards for the New Year

I recently took part in a Christmas/Winter SeasonĀ card exchange with the North Redwoods Book Arts Guild. I felt like playing with spinners, and so concocted a New Year’s card: spin the wheel, then peek inside to find your suggested bookbinding-related resolution. (Click on the pictures to enlarge.)

I’ve personally been finding it hard to feel good about 2012. So I made a more general card for friends here in the US:

Politics aside, I do wish all my friends here, no matter where in the world, a happy New Year!

PS If you were wondering, the arrows came from Alpha Stamps. I put a small nylon washer between card and arrow to keep the metal from scraping the ink. The card was done as a tri-fold, using 3M 415 double-sided tape to hold the front part, including the brad holding the arrow, in place.


9 thoughts on “Spinner Cards for the New Year”

  1. You are clever. Even as a non bookbinder I could enjoy the first, and could shudder with the best of them for the choices in the second card. Snakes and ladders with no ladders. May you live in interesting times stuff.
    And a happy, healthy and creative New Year to you too.

    • “Snakes and ladders with no ladders”! I love it! These times are definitely feeling a bit too interesting for my tastes.

      Most sincere best wishes in the new year to you! Especially the happy and healthy bits!

  2. I love the spinners! When I was making cards, like, a decade ago now, I don’t remember seeing those. Of course, the political one is just funny. Fortunately, I drunk-kicked my TV over last year, and it or the converter box broke, so I’ve been without, and have missed all of the political schlep. Gratefully.

    I just love all of your work and helpful links you post, Ellen :D

    • Thanks Spectra! As always, lovely to hear from you. Having no TV this year sounds like a splendid plan. I’ve been avoiding it myself, aside from some online stuff. The run-up to November is going to be dreadful, no doubt. Alas.

  3. Just wanted to say how much I love your cards! The bookbinder’s one is terrific and the political one – well, hopefully it was at least a little therapeutic for you! I love the snakes and ladders comment.

    Politics is just as bad and as uninspiring in this country, you know. I don’t know whether that is good or bad news for you! I think it’s the era. I think historians will look back and be dumbfounded by the stupidity and lack of commonsense that has been demonstrated. Enough from me!

    • Thanks so much Amanda! Yes, alas, I’ve heard a bit about the political snakes at your end… sigh. These are grim days indeed. I also wonder what historians will make of it all. Personally, I wouldn’t mind living in less interesting times, as it were. It’s honestly frightening.


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