8 thoughts on “Book Art Short on PBS”

      • That link was scary. I can envisage myself turning into him except I would need a clear passage to the outside world to feed the birds and garden. While the piles of books bred and multiplied. As only books can.

        • It is a cautionary tale, no doubt. My books have been breeding more than usual lately, even though I long ago ran out of shelf space. Perhaps, though, it might be time to worry when my long-limbed cat has trouble finding enough space to jump off the bed (as has actually happened). Oh dear.

  1. Hi Chipmunk!
    I have been thinking you must be ill as I hadn’t seen any of your posts. Then I discovered you had moved your blog and I missed that post, so you fell off my feed. Glad to see that all is well and you are appearing in my inbox again.
    Hope you have a happy time these holidays.
    Amanda x

    • Hi Amanda! Great to hear from you. Thanks. That whole thing with the blog feed has been a real bummer, alas. I appreciate you checking in and finding me again! I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas weekend too. Things are pretty good here, thanks, despite having had two wisdom teeth pulled this week(!). (I’m actually very relieved to have them gone–it’s a bit of a sick Christmas present, but I’m happy.) I do hope your holiday is full of joy and good things.


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