5 thoughts on “Workshop Addendum”

  1.  The models look WONDERFUL.   And extra preparation time never goes astray.  Are you OK with the delay?  Consider yourself hugged.

  2.  You're so kind. Thanks. I'm thrilled for the extra time. I wasn't the one who asked for the rescheduling, but I think it'll work out well. Physically, this hasn't been such a great week, but getting better. 

    I sat at your blog for a longish while today, trying to articulate what I wanted to say… then decided to come back later. (You can tell, postponing the class from this week was definitely a good idea!) 

  3.  Hmm…I'd meant to do that as a reply to you, but now my reply appears above your comment… However, I think it adds an appropriately surreal note.

  4.  An extra week? That's great! Considering it a gift: it gives you this extra (breathing) time so you can make these super samples and I am sure equally super instructions on how to… 
    All the best and xoxoxoxooxo 

  5. A gift indeed! Thanks. I appreciate your faith in my abilities… ;-)

    Happy creating for your show! With hugs…

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