May 142011

I’m teaching a workshop at the very nice Origin Design Lab in Eureka on Thursday, 19th May from 4-8pm. From the official description:

We will build upon the simple accordion fold to create various book forms. Learn the secret to making a perfectly folded book along with other tips and helpful tricks. You will leave the class with finished models and ideas for plenty more. The material fee will provide a basic kit to get you started, papers and printed instructions. No prior experience is necessary. These books require no special equipment aside from a few easily obtained tools and materials.

Fee: $70.00 + 15.00 materials fee ($5 for Book Arts Guild Members)

Level: Beginning

They’re at 426 3rd St in Eureka. 

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  1. Yay.  Have a wonderful time!  You will be stuffed afterwards I know, but at least it is for  a reason.

  2. Thanks. Heh…stuffed… I'll say! I'm attempting to stay home and rest as much as possible before the big day. 

  3.  I should have said this last time GOOD LUCK, and have fun too.

  4. Thanks! I think stuffed is quite appropriate, but I appreciate the good wishes. I had a very strange dream the other night–I was in the middle of some kind of volatile Middle Eastern discord that was about to become violent, possibly involving a beheading… then I suddenly awoke to find myself awkwardly sandwiched between Dominic by my head and Larry on the other side. Dominic has been trying to encroach on Larry's territory. Larry likes his territory. He doesn't like Dominic. This little contortionist act somehow messed up my better side and stoked the fires on the bad… the sort of pain one does not sleep through for days on end [insert favorite obscenities here]. Cats… speaking of whom… I'm glad J. is doing better! I suspect he's a fun one to wash with disinfectant.

  5. That is so cute! I hope this turned out well for you.

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