Paper Chipmunk Taxidermy

Hidden Clue by Sarah Wallace Scott at Abecedarian Gallery

Abecedarian Gallery in Denver, Colorado is currently hosting Artists’ Book Cornucopia II, a juried exhibition. There is an online catalogue.

Needless to say, I was quite taken with this particular itemHidden Clue by Sarah Wallace Scott. Says Sarah,

“In my process of working with paper I found that I could make faux taxidermy using only paper. The problem was that no one could tell the difference. I tore out the pages of a used book and started attaching them in the same way as the other paper to make a more obvious paper chipmunk…”

Paper chipmunk taxidermy aside, I should add that there is work from quite a few interesting people in this show, including fellow blogger Anna Mavromatis (who has blogs about her book art as well as more ephemeral matters).

15 thoughts on “Paper Chipmunk Taxidermy”

  1. Love it. Were you tempted to kidnap the little cuties? And judging by the catalogue there is some really interesting work there.

  2. Greetings ( )! Was that too great or what? I don't think "paper chipmunk" will ever be quite the same to me ever again.

    Very strange just now–I thought I'd inadvertently lost your comment, but then you reappeared. I'm so sorry–and annoyed–that the link to most others' blogs don't seem to show up now when you/they comment. This infernal new system… I have my reasons why I needed something like this, but I'm not pleased with how it's turning out. I have a longer term solution planned (move the blog itself), but it's proving to be… hmmm…I'm thinking of our discussion of metaphorical fingers the other day…. I do really appreciate your willingness to keep poking in!

  3. The minute I saw it I thought of you!
    Anyway, there is so much in paper arts around, but chipmunks?
    I still consider you the one and only…!

  4. Please, please let me know when you make the move. I would be very sorry to lose our connection. I love what I have seen of your work and I love your determination.

  5. I'm really touched, thanks. I don't want to lose our connection either! Or any of the other amazing people I've met through this blog. The big hangup is I'm trying to do it in a way that will move everything, followers and old posts included. I know it can be done. People online swear you can do it. I tried following the directions and could not make it work. I hope I can do something soon–this lack of links on commenter's names is so not okay! I might just start fresh at WordPress and tell everyone to join me there, but I'd really rather not do that. I've had this blog for two years already, and want to keep it intact. I feel as if I always respond to your comments with novellas–forgive me! You've been a great source of comfort and inspiration to me, more than you know, and I love your blog too. I won't disappear, I promise.

  6. Awww…thanks Anna. I couldn't believe it myself–paper chipmunks?! They're pretty cool looking chipmunks, too. It's an amazing looking show, and so wonderful that you are a part of it too.

    I'm sorry that your link is missing here as well–I think I'm going to go back and add that to the post itself, especially since I mentioned that you blog. Reminds me… a book artist friend of mine visited recently. We were doing some computer work and got to talking about blogs. As she was scrolling through my blog reader to see what I look at, she was telling me about this particular amazing book artist who blogs–so inspirational! Love her work! Just love it! Then she paused at you on my reader and exclaimed, that's the artist! Anna Mavromatis! And gushed some more.

  7. So, so happy to hear that I won't lose you. And I am just back from the Jeff Peachey blog with a face hurting smile. Thanks.

  8. You make me blush and smile! Good words coming from you are instantly transformed into the shape of the most beautiful multicolor feathers in my cap!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  9. A cap with beautiful multicolor feathers–I like that. What a lovely mental image. It was a great conversation–I wish you could've eavesdropped! And so true!

  10. I am pushing in to your home space because your comment about muscle spasms bothered me. They suck and can be super painful. There are drugs which help, but I have found that swimming makes a significant difference. Or just wading if the muscles won't let me swim that day. Don't know why, don't care why but if it helps I say do it.

  11. Sweet of you to push into my home space. Thanks. I have to admit, I've never been much for pools. Not only can I not swim (go figure–I'm from Southern California), but the chlorine seems to bother my skin problems. There also aren't really places to swim around here. Alas. I've been wondering about these spasms. They are going down my more affected side. Btw, my email is egolla[at] Since this new system makes you give yours ;-)

  12. Aaaargh. Thanks for the email. And feel free to email me anytime you don't want to make your comments public. I find the spasms come and go, and like everything else are worse if I am tired. Fingers crossed your ease off soon.

  13. Thanks. I appreciate your understanding and reassurance!

    And likewise, same to you about the email.

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