Voodoo Doll

In my never-ending quest to get the studio straightened out, I came across a doll I bought years ago from a craft store. I’ve used these in the past to make packaged voodoo dolls as gifts for friends. I decided it was time to make another.

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I found the original “packaging materials” on my computer, but figured it was time to change the design a bit. I also added some wording about propping it up next to the cutting board next time you chop onions (why not?). And even though I’m not planning to sell these or make it a commercial item, I put a new “product name” on the label after discovering that my original choice is, of all things, a registered trademark belonging to Dow Chemical.

On back, I added a description of the contents, a bar code, the obligatory “Made in China” and a warning about use by children. I thought it added a nice authentic touch.

I have some narrow sleeves that were originally intended for bookmarks. And I have some other, tinier sleeves just perfect for a few starter insect pins.

Voila. A finished Payback Magic Voodoo doll that almost, indeed, looks as if it could’ve come from a tacky dollar shop.

7 thoughts on “Voodoo Doll”

    • Ah, I’m smiling. As the instructions say, you may pose your doll in creatively dangerous situations–it’s up to you!

      Crap…more smiles… At the moment, I’m on the hunt for more of these dolls. Alas, the crap-filled craft store (say that 10 times fast) has stopped selling them. I might be driven to sew my own voodoo dolls someday. Although these are nicer–they have wire inside and so are slightly posable. Heh.

  1. Hi Ellen,
    This invention certainly made me smile! Its fab! I wonder if it works? Only kidding, but I love the idea of putting the doll near onions whilst chopping them! Lol!
    Also i’ve had a quick read of other things going on with you at the moment – hey, you are really busy! I am so pleased to hear of your recent exhibition too. I wish I didn’t live so very far away.
    Keep up the brill work Ellen. I love seeing what you are up to :)
    Tanya x

    • Greetings Tanya! So sorry for the delayed reply. For some reason, your comment got marked as a spam marketing message. Eek! And you weren’t even trying to sell me suspicious pharmaceuticals–geesh! Been thinking about you too, and wondering how your term is going? You must be really busy.

      While reading your comment, I began musing on different situations one could put a voodoo doll in. Perhaps when not chopping onions…seating it in front of non-stop political campaign ads?

      I do hope things are good with you!


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