4 thoughts on “Couldn’t Leave Well Enough Alone…”

  1. Oh, I like the extra sharks. I've liked this piece since you first described it. Each addition reminds me of my own dreams where things chase me and swirl around me. And the open window giving entrance to . . . .

  2. Greetings Orebon, so nice to have your input. Thanks! What I wish I hadn't done was expand by quite so much the amount of paper (papier mache?) on the bottom. In retrospect, I think it looked better when I left more of the blank page exposed underneath. But the way my mind works, I couldn't see that until I'd done it. I really appreciate the input–maybe I'll come to change my mind. At the least, I've put it aside for a while. I'm so glad you like it. And am delighted to know you are a regular reader.


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