Aug 212010
My Daily Planner

I did a stupid thing last month. I discovered that if one takes life-sustaining meds, it’s a bad thing to forget a dose. A really bad thing. This little oversight, and then my trip south, put me out of commission worse than usual for a while. I guess I should’ve paid more attention to my own bookmark design from a few years ago. Alas.

I’d been planning to contribute something for an exhibition next month at Eureka Books that our local book arts guild is having. I was going to make something appropriately sellable and commercially pleasing, like my miniature cat ABC book. But it just wasn’t in me. So I finished My Daily Planner instead. It fit my mood better.

PS: I wrote earlier about how I waxed the papers to make the cover material for the little books.

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  1. Brilliant. As always.

  2. Aww… I blush. Thank you.

  3. It was a delight to actually hold one of your tiny books last Saturday.

  4. So kind you are. Glad I could provide some entertainment.

  5. Brilliant indeed, and they look perfect! I wish I could see them from near – but California is a little far to travel…
    Hope you are o.k.!

  6. Thanks Buechertiger. Glad you like them.

    I haven't had any permanent effects from my medication adventure. But I sure had a bad day, and then several to recover. I had no idea one missed dose could cause that much misery. I guess it was a learning experience.

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