Feb 122010

It occurred to me I haven’t shared any Flickr finds or web discoveries in a while.

I’ve been enjoying Louisa Boyd’s intriguing book forms, collages, paintings and other work on her Flickr stream.

Some of her books certainly add a new dimension to the concept of a sculptural book. She binds (and sometimes alters) books, then tears and shapes the pages to make objects. Often these relate to birds, or are even shaped like birds. The one pictured here is “Paper Bird #1–Housemartin.”

As for her non-bird books, in recent times I’ve been growing a bit jaded by altered books in general. But then I see something like “Keeping Secrets” (pictured below) and my interest perks up and I want to look again.

Her paintings and other works are also interestingly textural and evocative.

Louisa additionally enjoys keeping in touch with like-minded people through her Facebook page, so if you’re on there you might want to check that out as well.

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  1. "Keeping secrets" is also one of my favorites among her amazing works.

  2. Oh my. These are just lovely. Thank you for posting the photos.

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