Oct 202009
My painter friend Joan just launched her first blog. Joan is a master colorist. Color and composition are what her works are all about—pure, joyful color. Imagine being in a room surrounded by big paintings that look like these, and tell me it wouldn’t afterward make you want to race straight to your own studio (or other preferred art-making space). It’s like listening to music that compels you to dance. Even though my own work is so completely different, and even in different media, I find Joan’s studio and her shows quite inspiring. They connect to that primal part of my brain that lusts for texture, color and the smell of paint.

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  1. Well. I clicked the link to see the painting and my initial reactions were an indrawn breath, and then an oooh, and then a wow. Not too profound. But immediate and deeply felt. Glad I found this blog (I adore paper, too. and cardboard.) and I'll be sure to come back.

  2. Hi Shara,

    Glad you stopped in. Thanks! Joan, I think, will be pleased with your reaction to her painting. I wish you could see the real thing. They are huge and so multi-layered.

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