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The Blue Notebook, Vol 7 No. 2

Much to my surprise, a few months ago I was asked if I’d like to contribute an artist’s page to the next edition of The Blue Notebook.

Hmmm… did I want to be in the book arts journal The Blue Notebook? I was already designing the page in my head as I typed back that, yeah, I think I’d like to do that(!). I was told that I could do anything I wanted with my page. But they were also kind of hoping I might do something based around The Literary Cure.

The Literary Cure is what I call my prescription bottle of “Codex” capsules (there’s a photo of it in the gallery). Each capsule of “Codex” contains a miniature book. There are 20 capsules in each bottle. It was an edition of five.

Each copy of The Literary Cure also includes a patients’ informational insert (I wrote about the making of the insert here). For my artist’s page, I decided to show the text of an insert with a photo of a bottle of Codex.

My copy of the journal recently arrived. I was not expecting to to find my page right at the center fold. Oh my!

The center spread!

Coincidentally, in this same issue Emma Powell wrote an article about her work with We Love Your Books and about some some of the artists who’ve contributed to the WLYB exhibits over the years, including yours truly. I felt quite honored, especially since there are some others there whose work I have admired for quite a while.

Emma Powell's article about We Love Your Books.
Emma Powell’s article about We Love Your Books.
That name looks familiar...
Hmm… that name again.

Among other things I like in this edition is an interview with Helen Douglas, who was commissioned to create a work in 2012 as part of Reflective Histories: Contemporary Art Interventions at Traquair House. She made a manuscript book echoing the small devotional books in the library at Traquair, which is the oldest inhabited house in Scotland. The pictures of the book that are included with the interview are exquisite (unfortunately, I couldn’t find any photos of it freely available online). As always with The Blue Notebook, it takes a while to get through all the interesting stuff in it. I’m really delighted to have been included in this last issue.


15 thoughts on “Publishing News”

  1. Congrats on the features! My copy reached me a week ago, and I was delighted to see you mentioned and see your books in there.
    I very much like the codex capsules and enjoyed reading your page! The idea is brilliant and funny, and the pictures are great, too!
    And you know of course that I took a liking in the minute book…

  2. Oh my goodness, you are so talented! I love the darling books, and the Codex idea is brilliant. Congrats!! Sorry to hear, though, that you’ve been having a difficult time over the past few months. :(

  3. Congrats, Ellen! Interestingly, I just read on a UK pal’s blog that she, too, was invited to be in the upcoming issue of The Blue Notebook. Jackie Bowcutt is her name. I’d never heard of TBN before. What an honor for you. See you Saturday!

    • Stitchworks Jackie, yes? She is indeed in there too–it’s the We Love Your Books article. I can bring it to show you.

      And I’m so glad you’ll be at the workshop! All I can say is that the little kits you all will be getting are going to be a tad eccentric… heh heh.

    • Thanks E.C. :-) Don’t know about determination etc…

      (But I have to confess, I am proud of the item under “mutagenesis” that refers to the maze skills of rats on high doses of Codex. It just came to me one night.)

  4. Congratulations Ellen on having your work featured not only once but twice – that’s impressive. ‘The Literary Cure’ is brilliant – I love it.

    • Thanks so much Amanda. I do hope you enjoy it when you get it!

      I’m planning to catch up on your podcasts later along today or tomorrow when I’m in the studio getting stuff ready for my workshop on Saturday (more on that later…!). I’ve been saving them.


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