May 102012

I came across this rather nice slide show featuring a selection of Mary Delany’s flower collages, with appropriate soundtrack. After clicking the play arrow, be sure to enlarge it to full-screen view (middle button on the bottom right). Keep in mind, it’s all cut paper.

I’ve written before about my Mary Delany fascination. She has her own separate entry if you scroll through “Categories” on the right, or go here and then scroll down.

Mary Delany’s Flowers

The person who put it together is identified only as Debra (thank you, Debra.).
If you like these, there are more images of Mary Delany’s work at the British Museum’s website.

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  1. What incredible, intricate, beautiful work. Wow. Thanks for showing me this, I loved it.

    • My pleasure, truly. I’m glad you liked it. Mary Delany’s cut paper work is one of my obsessive delights. I’ve actually seen the originals of some of these–held them in front of me–at the British Museum some years ago. It’s even more amazing when you think she was in her 70s and doing this in the 18th C.

  2. Cut paper, huh? Wow!

  3. This is really stunning and one of those hidden miracles of what women achieved in the past that no one knows about. Thank you so much for making her work more widely known and bravo to the British Museum for digitizing it. I hope to see it in person one day as it is hard to believe it is cut paper. And my great great grandmother’s name was Delaney so it’s easy to remember.

    • Thanks so much, Laine. I’ve been heartened that Mrs. Delany’s work has been getting the sudden surge of interest that it has recently, but she, along with other women who worked with paper, are still dismissed as hardly an afterthought in the art history of collage, and I think that’s so wrong. “HIdden miracles of what women achieved” indeed. I do hope you get to see the originals someday. The scans are excellent, but reproductions…. alas.

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