Apr 042011
© Sohei Nishino, taken from NY Times.

I just came across these interesting “diorama maps” by Sohei Nishino on his website. They are constructed from the “enormous mound” of film photographs he takes when visiting various cities.

They were also mentioned in a January New York Times travel piece about maps and such in London.

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  1. I've seen these done before and really love them. My favorite was the front of a school bus parked on a street with trees and blue skies. Somehow the diorama gave it more life and personality.

  2. So much talent. Such a rich vision. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for the comment. As a side note, I believe David Hockney was the first to do montaged photograph pictures of this sort. He calls his "photographic collages." I'm not quite sure why this artist refers to his as dioramas–perhaps it's that sense of a whole little world recreated. I just thought I might point that out, because "diorama" usually means something else. Whatever the case, I bet they're pretty incredible in person!

  4. So lovely to hear from you again. Thanks. I'm glad you liked these. I'm also doubly appreciative for the comments at the moment since, as you probably noticed, I'm trying out a new comment system.

    I hope you got to enjoy your beautiful garden today!

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